Southwark Council

A good (school) report

In order to create a strong, positive identity concept for Soutwark Council's schools promotion, our starting point was a strapline and logo combination with a simple but direct message.

WhiteLight produced: Logo design, copywriting, press advertising, labelling, merchandise.

Southwark Schools Display Type

Customised typeface

A personalised  typeface was created to distinguish the identity with a unique headline style.

Southwark Schools Poster
Southwark Schools Newspaper Advert

Posters and press advertising

To complement Soutwark's established guidelines, we developed a light-hearted 'graffiti' styling that could be combined with photography.

Southwark Schools Display Type

Promotional items

It's in the (tote) bag - getting the message out and about on the streets of Southwark...

Southwark Schools Labelling

Healthy-eating labels

The brief also required us to create labelling for healthier food choices being made available in the borough's schools.